HEAD Cafeは焼きたてのパン、エスプレッソや抹茶ラテなどの軽食とフリースポットと共有PCでの情報発信・受信、コミュニティー・スペースでの簡単なミーティングなどが可能です。店主が集めた雑貨もおすすめがいっぱいです。

Head Café ; a kind of free communicate space of HEAD Sports Station HAKUBA. You can enjoy and relax to drink coffee or tea and to watch internet service that we have free PC on it. This area is free spot of internet. You can use and watch website for your own PC. Then please order a cup of coffee




HEAD sports station of the HEAD brand ski, snowboard wear, gloves, hat, and stocks supplies numerous well as required by the snow-covered mountains.